An Introduction of Sorts

I am (for the moment) a recreational costumer with professional aspirations. I am areenactor, a geek with an interest in fashion history, history in general, and pretty fabric. I have done some commission work here and there, but I started this site with the idea that it could be a resource for other costumers. Unless otherwise noted, everything that appears on the site was made by me. I have learned quite a bit reading the dress diaries of others on the great wide internet, and hopefully my own work will inspire or help someone else.

So what is this?

This site is an attempt to make a useful contribution to the internet, and possibly sell a few things. I do commission work, but due to the nature of the work, it's expensive, but I am more than happy to work with you on making your wildest costume dreams reality.


December, 2011 - The Plaid Horror

Fall 2012 - Black and dark brown striped late bustle Victorian Ensemble, with a few non-period add-ons.

Summer 2012 - A few re-workings of the Navy Blue Anglaise and a new gray cotton sateen 18th century gown that I totally did not make out of sheets from Target.

December, 2011 - Black Victorian Ensemble - a few pieces for my somber Victorian wardrobe.

Fall, 2011 - Victorian-inspired Masquerade costumes in the Fantasy and Historically Inspired Gallery