Black Peachskin Victorian | 2011/2012

Fabric / Materials: Black "peachskin".
Pattern: Truly Victorian with some modification

Introduction: December 26, 2011 - This project was conceived mostly with theatrical events in mind, so exact period correctness was less of an issue. In a perfect world in which I can just go out and buy 12+ yards of silk, I would be more of a stickler. I wanted a few interchangable pieces that would allow me to wear this ensemble at both day and evening events. I eventually want to do a late bustle bodice with a high collar for it like the Truly Victorian 1884 French Vest Bodice. I made an off-the-shoulder ballgown bodice for it based on the Truly Victorian 1875 Ballgown Basque but without the pleated back. I used the back pieces from another pattern - the 1885 Curiass Bodice.

While the fabric is synthetic, it drapes beautifully. Watch this spot and the blog for updates and more pieces. I'm currently working on a natural form ballgown bodice for these pieces that laces up the back.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I added ruched self-trim to the neckline as well as bullion fringe and tassel trim to the bottom back edge. Some tassel trim around the already lace-edged sleeves makes it even more dramatic than it was before. Next up, buttons and hooks and eyes for the front.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011: Snow Day Accidental Obsession

More snow, more snow and more snow resulted in this 4 gore 1880s underskirt with three layers of trim. I plan on making a matching overskirt and ballgown bodice for Baltimore this April.

Monday, December 26, 2011: I ended up attaching 4 inch wide black venise lace over the shiny pleated ribbon. The trim in this picture was just too high in contrast on the dull black fabric. The lace adds texture without disrupting the somber tone of this skirt.

December 26, 2011: Overskirt, 3/4 Sleeves on the bodice. I want to shorten the front of the overskirt so more of the lace and pleating are visible.

I'm a little in love with Venise lace. Rather than seam rip my way through the two rows of stitching in the hideous shiny fake ribbon I somehow thought was a good idea several months ago, I just attached the lace right on top of it. I have vague plans of adding another layer of pleats about 6 inches long on top of the 18 inch pleating, and then maybe a panel of shirring in the front of the skirt like in TV381-R 1885 Pannier Panel Add-on. The it might be fancy enough to wear without an overskirt. For OWBN event games, the more I can pack into a carry-on, the better. This synthetic fabric is about $4 a yard after coupons and discounts. There are so many pieces for this wardrobe I want to make!