Fabric: Dark blue velvet, indigo silk dupioni in the lining, gold cotton brocade on the skirt.

Other Materials: Small eyelets, blue satin cord.

Pattern: Based on Simplicity 3812

I made this this costume for a friend who recently decided to have a baby. Corsetry and babies don't mix well, so for this role playing game set in the distant past, we decided to go with a high waist line and adjustable back closure.

The fabrics are deep blue velvet lined with indigo silk dupioni, soft ivory cotton and heavy gold brocade drapery.

Things without fitted sleeves go very quickly, and in about two weeks, it was finished.

The skirt is suspended by large coat hooks and eyes from the underbust of the bodice, and will hopefully fit well throughout and after her pregnancy.

May 2007 | Jenn shows off her impressive sleeves, and slightly more baby than in January.