December 2008

Fabric: Champagne and pale blue acetate brocade - from the upholstry section at JoAnn's
Pattern: J.P. Ryan - Robe l'Anglaise

Pale champagne and blue 18th Century Robe a l'Anglaise made for the regimental New Year's party. Once a year, I get to dress like a girl for reenacting. This year I actually had stays that (mostly) fit.

The dress is adapted from the JP Ryan Anglaise pattern. I just added a stomacher and stuck a ruffle on the petticoat. I don't know what possessed me to do all of the ruching by hand. 120 inches of it on the petticoat alone!

Overall, I think the color is good for my skin tone, and the fit on the torso is alright. I think I may, in the future, revisit the bodice. The neckline was gaping awfully. I ended up putting in a quick draw string, but that works less well when your gown does not meet in the center.

The clips I used on the stomacher also need to get moved. I think when you wear a creation for the first time, you notice all of the kinks that need removing.

June 2009

Trumbull House Tea Party - I played the Captain's Daughter and served tea.