June 16, 2010

Fabric: Acetate taffeta from JoAnn's
Pattern: Truly Victorian 1878 Fantail Skirt

I have plans to go to the Grand Masquerade in New Orleans this September, and I am trying desperately not to have to check baggage. MY original thought was to wear this, but packing the underskirt, bustle, overskirt and a petticoat was not really an option in a tiny little carry-on, so I started looking at natural form ideas.

The pattern could not have been easier. I put this together in a few hours with only a little re-shaping of the train. I have vague plans to enigneer some kind of hitch so I can hike it up for ballroom dancing. I'm also attaching a kind of belt loop to it with buttons for the purpose of suspending a drawstring evening bag. I hate being without my keys etc. while dressed up.

September 25, 2010 - I can't claim credit for the corset (meschantes.com), but the skirt I made to wear with it. It's a cheap acetate taffeta in dark changeable red with self and braided trim. It's really quite simple. It's gathered at the back, and there's a little decorative strip buttoned on for flourish where the fantail begins.

I rigged up a hitch for the train with a side loop and button that also holds a matching drawstring tassel bag for hotel room keys, money and other goodies. It's not at all bad on comfort when the train is hitched up. I wore it dancing at a club for hours with no issues.

I suppose in retrospect, I would have preferred to have a lining. When the train is hitched up, the inside of the train shows. Maybe in the future, I will add something to it to hide the stitching where the trim is attached.

A few work-in-progress shots I toyed around with the idea of pleats at the hem, but with the gathered train, this ended up just looking kind of stupid. There is also a shot of the re-shaping of the train. It was a bit too spade like for my tastes in the original throw-together.