Fantastical costumes made mostly for LARP out of various bits and bobs, bargain fabric, wire, and chewing gum.

The Plaid Horror: 1880s Inspired Thrift Store Chic | December 2011

Fabric: About a thousand old plaid shirts
Pattern: Truly Victorian's Late Bustle 4 Gore Underskirt, 1870s off-the-shoulder ballgown bodice pattern, modified. 1885 Autumn Overskirt, modified.

Tentacles: 1870s Inspired Sea Creature Masquerade Costume | October 2010

Fabric: Synthetic dark green taffeta
Pattern: Truly Victorian's 1878 Fantail Skirt Pattern, 1870s off-the-shoulder ballgown bodice pattern, heavily modified. The tentacles "overskirt" I made up as I went along, loosely based on the peacock tail from 2004.

1870s Inspired Grand Masquerade Ensemble | Fall 2010

Fabric: Synthetic deep red taffeta
Pattern: Truly Victorian's 1878 Fantail Skirt Pattern. Corset by Meschantes

7th Sea Navy Uniform | Fall 2010

Fabric: Dark Blue Wool
Pattern: Um... the 17th century + The 18th Century + the early 19th centuries for fun and profit?

7th Sea Coat | Spring 2010

Fabric: Dark red brocade from the bargain table at JoAnn Fabrics, gold cotton lining
Pattern: Um... the 17th century + the 18th century for fun and profit?

Steampunk Suit | January 2010

Fabric: Synthetic brown and gold Sari bought off e-bay
Pattern: Based on TV four-gore skirt pattern, modified to be worn without a bustle, and a doublet-esque bodice draped by me.


Hooded Coat | December 2009

Fabric: Hunter green wool, cotton sateen lining
Pattern: M>odified from two different JP Ryan 18th century men's patterns.

Labyrinth Headdress | November 2008

Materials: 16 gauge steel wire, silvery leaf charms from the jewelry making department at JoAnn's, silver ribbon in two widths

A commission for the Dreams and Nightmares Masquerade Ball, 2008

Indian Fire Ballgown | November 2008

Fabric: a sheer sari (synthetic), cotton backing
Patterns: TV 460: 1885 Cuirass Bodice, TV 364: 1886 Autumn Overskirt, TV 261: 1885 Four-Gore Underskirt

Made for the Northeast Event, 2008.

Blue Velvet "Renaissance" Gown | Winter 2007

Fabric: Dark blue velvet, violet silk dupioni lining
Pattern: Based on Simplicity 3812

A comission from a friend who had some special needs.

The Peacock Dress | October 2004

Fabric: Forest green crushed velvet, turquoise cotton brocade, dark green satin
Other Materials: 30+ peacock tail feathers, peacock feather trim, coque feather trim, gold rope trim, worn over a Moresca Max 1 Pattern: Based on JP Ryan's Jacket Pattern

A gown inspired simultaneously by an illustration by Tony DiTerlizzi, the 16th century, the 18th century and the bustle era. I wore this while playing my old Changeling character at a big con in 2004.