Fall 2010

Fabric: Lightweight dark blue wool ... Pattern: Hybrid of JP Ryan's Frock Coat, and the Simplicty (not) Jack Sparrow pattern ...

Adapted from the Simplicity Totally Not Jack Sparrow pattern, this coat is a blending of 17th century, 18th century and Napoleonic awesome for a LARP character. I originally tried to make it out of cheap polyester, but then halfway through, I remembered my principles. I couldn't do it. I broke down and ordered lightweight wool from Denver Fabrics for a very reasonable price, and started over. I did, however, draw the line at ordering historically accurate 18th century officer's lace from Najecki Reproductions. Instead, I went for the trusty JoAnn's Home Dec. department, and came up with something that got the point across without costing a fortune.

I had some fun embellishing the project. I opened up the back box pleat and left it as an open split. I was somewhat inspired by an image from Amy Miller's Dressed to Kill but could only really take that so far with the synthetic rope trim.