Norma Jean

My Uniquely You dress dummy. We named her Norma Jean beause of her... endowments.

I got the bright idea from another costumer's website thinking that it would be cool to be able to fit period garnments over the proper underpinnings strapped to a squishy dummy that was me-shaped. Unfortunately, I got a dummy that was far too large, and I underestimated the density of the foam. What follows is a chronicle of our adventures.

Fitting the sheath

This project involved help from SG in porportion to Norma Jean's massive foam breasts. Several hours of swearing, pinning, stitching and walking around the house in the most fashionless garnment known to man, we had an approximation of my shape. The only trouble was the fact that I ordered a dummy based on my largest measurement: my hips. The dummy with 40 inches at the widest point on the bottom had a 50 inch chest, and the sheath I ordered was way too small. This resulted in six inches of exposed foam at the bottom of the dummy. The cat is pleased with this, but he is the only one. I think if I do this again, I will order a dummy that is too small and pad out the sheath. That way, it will have the necessary squish to strap it into stays.


A few months back, I had attempted to shave down the foam to a better shape. It took me a while to develop a workable slice and shave technique with the razor, but eventually I got it. The breasts, aside from being far too large were situated too low on the torso. The rear end was also a bit too low. I think I had the right idea with my series of amputations, but I did not go far enough.


I took the breasts completely off and went to town on the waistline and back. It looks a bit like an apple someone has been eating.

Polyfill Stuffing

I used polyfill to stuff the areas that needed stuffing. Hopefully the decreased density will make it possible to strap a corset on the dummy now.