The Inspiration: This project was inspired by an illustration in White Wolf's Changeling the Dreaming by Tony DiTerlizzi. I designed it as a costume for a character I used to play - a faerie noble in a live action version of the game in which the illustration appeared. The character's name was Aderyn Tanllwyth ni Gwydion.

Fabric: Crushed green velvet on the jacket, green satin on the skirt, turquoise cotton brocade on the inside of the collar

Other Materials: About 30 whole peacock tail feathers, peacock tailfeather trim, and green coque feather trim.

Pattern: Based on JP Ryan's 18th Century Jacket pattern, View B

This is the famed Peacock Dress I wore to ICC 2004. I found a picture in the Changeling tabletop corebook - an illustration by Tony Diterlizzi, and it inspired me to make this monstrosity. I used a J.P. Ryan 18th century shortgown pattern for the jacket, and then built the collar on top of it myself. The skirt is just a finely pleated satin, and the tail is made of thirty-something peacock feathers hot glued down to a fan shaped tail attached to a belt that clips on top.

I wanted to be able to sit down in it, and the tail moves around rather well. Unfortunately, it's hard to see. Someday, I may have an excuse to wear this again, but I can't imagine what. There are so many changes I want to make to it. This was the first costuming project that I really tried to tackle on my own. I've learned a few tricks since then.

Maybe someday they'll be more pictures. It's sad that after all that work, all I have are a few grainy shots from the con.