Thursday, November 5, 2009 | The Destruction of an Enemy

I finally destroyed the old red anglaise. I cannibalized it for parts to make a cartridge pleated overskirt for my red Elizabethan. I must say, cartridge pleating was a lot easier than it looked once SG showed me how to do it. It really does provide a lot of volume. Also, it's the only way to get 8 yards of fabric pleated to a 30 inch waist band.

August 4, 2009

In preparation for the Pride Costume , I had S.G. help me with the bodice fitting. The re-cut mock up was then immediately applied to some spare red and gold brocade I had to create a new bodice for this three-year-old travesty. As soon as I get more fabric for the sleeves, we'll be good to go. About an inch was taken out of the side front piece, an inch added at the bottom of the center front, and the shoulder straps were shortened by about two inches. Hopefully this will mean the neckline no longer does that unfortunate gap thing.

December 2007

A few photos from the IXth Holiday party showing the revision of the sleeves. I took them in about an inch each, and took off the flounces. I have plans of eventually re-cutting the bodice and lining it properly, but probably not until I have cause to wear it again. Who knows when that will be.

Update: October 2, 2007

I took this dress out today with the intention of wearing it to the officers' soiree at the battle of Saratoga, but when I tried it on, I realized that the waist is too short, the sleeves are enormously too big, and the bodice just plain sucks. I plan on re-vamping this in the near future, and having some help fitting it, as I still don't have a dress dummy.

October 2006

Fabric: Red and gold acetate brocade - from the upholstry section at JoAnn's
Pattern: J.P. Ryan - Robe l'Anglaise

This was my second attempt at the J. P. Ryan Robe l'Anglaise, and this one had things about it that were better, and things about that were worse than my first attempt.

The lining just did NOT want to play. The upholstry weight brocade did not stretch or move at all, but the acetate "satin" had other ideas. I eventually just discarded it to make my life easier. As a result, the dress is unfinished on the inside. Maybe someday it will have a lining.