August 4, 2009

Fabric: Cheap-o acetate taffeta from the bargain table at JoAnn Fabrics, lined with cotton sateen
Trim: From the home decorator section at same
Patterns: Adapted from a handful of Truly Victorian patterns including the late bustle curiass bodice, autumn overskirt and 4 gore underskirt.

January 2010: Update - The flat skirt hooks on the front closure just never worked. They're not even remotely period correct, they pull in terrible looking directions, and they're a pain to do up. I lost patience with them, and installed metal eyelets, and now the entire garnment just looks better. I saw something similar in an extant piece in the collection of the Mark Twain House and the V&A Museum online.

August 2009: This was supposed to be finished for the Croquet Party this year. Oh well. It made a smash at the museum's ice cream social in August. I will likely wear it again to our Victorian christmas dinner planned for winter 2009.

The bodice was troublesome. The pattern calls for two front darts. This proved to be largely impossible, and I ditched one of them with varying degrees of success. It's a little tight, and does this weird thing at the neckline. I think I could fit an entire apple in there.