1812 Regency Ball | Summer 2010

Fabric / Materials: One artsilk maroon and gold sari, green silk charmeuse
Patterns: Drafted by me

May, 2010

Me and my mom at the Essex, CT Regency Ball. I made mine out of an "art silk" sari, and hers out of a scandalously little amount of sage green silk charmeuse. The pattern is a mish mosh of the JP Ryan Anglaise pattern I have used many times, and the sleeves from an 1870s ballgown bodice. The rest is loosely based on an illustration in Janet Arnold. Both gowns went together quickly, and were easy to wear. My mom is so skinny, I didn't even bother with stays for her, and she has good enough posture and carriage that I don't think anyone really noticed. I wore 1770s stays, but really wished I hadn't. If we end up doing another Regency event, I can maybe justify making pair of stays from the period. It's amazing how much easier it is to move your arms in a puffed sleeve. Trying to do the waltz in a fitted 1880s long sleeve was less fun.

From the Teal 1812 dress: For a fundraiser for a CT fife and drum corps this May. I started with the JP Ryan Anglaise pattern I have used so many times before as well as a peek into Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. There were some fitting issues. The modified Anglaise pattern I used ended up a little too big over my 1770s stays. My friend, SG over at Penelope's Needle commented that the gathering at the neckline had a a bit of a list to the starboard.

With some help from SG, fitting issues were solved. I ended up gathering the sleeves in rather than pleating them. To cut down on bulk, I decided to not gather the lining. Just pleated ever so slightly at the bust.